Coordinape is an open source collective looking for talented and vision-aligned contributors to join us in building tools that enable new ways of collaboration and coordination.

There are numerous ways to contribute to Coordinape. You can grab a development task from our public project boards, create a meme in Discord, join a core role, or find your own way to add value.

Whether you tackle an issue our development project board, apply for an open role, or share a new idea, there are no shortage of ways you can join the community, learn from the best, and make an impact.

Community Developer Program

Our code is open source, our project management is public, and our Discord is waiting for you to join.

If you are a developer and can buidl or fix, we want you here.

Come join our Discord in the #devs channel. Get the app started following the README on Github. Look for a task on our project board, or tell us your skills and how you want to contribute.

Our open source contributors are a key part of our community, and we use our own product to reward contributions.